Getting the hang of it

The social aspect seems to be getting a wee bit easier, which is nice. Yesterday was brunch….had a virgin Bloody Mary, which was delicious. The only annoying part was the waiter’s reaction when the other’s ordered non-virgins as he was cheering on the fact that they were doing it ‘properly’ and actually asked me if I was sure I wanted mine a virgin. Damn right I’m sure! It was spicy and delicious and everything I enjoy about a Bloody Mary aside from the moreish trigger that the vodka gives.

After, we went to a local Mercado which is my usual tourist “we have to stop here for vermut…it’s the best!”. My friends had the vermut…I had an AF Sangria, which I didn’t finish as it was like drinking pure sugar…and we enjoyed THE best olives. In the world! Seriously…they are the best and you can only get them here. I’ve gotta admit…their vermut looked good. But I was fine with what I had…sipped it slowly as it was so sugary and also had a full glass of water.

The weird thing is…watching the effect alcohol has on other people is helping me stay away from it. It’s like looking in to a time traveling mirror where I can see myself. I know full well that if I’d been drinking also, we would not have stopped at that. We would have had another vermut and then gone on to another place for wine. I know this because I was looking at the fun wine stops as we were walking afterwards and thinking “that would be a good place to stop for wine!” Instead, I stopped for a gelato which was lovely and refreshing, then went home to spend the rest of the afternoon reading.

I thought I’d try some tart cherry juice with my dinner, as I’ve heard cherry juice can help you sleep. Not sure about the sleeping part as I had some seriously f’d up dreams…but it did make me sleepy. But also…it tastes like wine! I added a little bit of water as it’s quite a thick juice…took a sip and thought “really??” Yes, really! I mean, it’s been over a month since I’ve had regular wine so I’m sure side by side they wouldn’t compare…but….but….I feel like I’ve just had one of my last “but what am I gonna do about x, y, z’s” removed from the list! What am I gonna do about when it’s winter and I want a lovely glass of red? I’m gonna get me some high quality tart cherry juice is what I’m gonna do!

But first, I’m gonna have my coffee. It’s Monday morning, after all. 😉


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