A new discovery

Hold the presses! OMG! I think I may have found a lovely substitute for red wine…that is not grape juice, or any other kind of sweet juice!

Last night the girls were getting together and the choices of venue were: wander the barrio till we found an terrace that had space…a restaurant that had wine in it’s name…or Lebanese food at one of the girl’s homes that has a terrace. Originally I had said I wasn’t going to go. It had been a hell of a week and the thought of socializing was not one I fancied. But when the offer of Lebanese food on her terrace came up, I thought that sounded positively lovely! My thought process was…I’ll vote for that option and if that’s what everyone chooses, then awesome! If not, I’ll make an excuse and stay home. Lo and behold…everyone opted for that!

My friend had am amazing spread of delicious dips and salads…all things I can eat as she’s vegetarian, and she had made hibiscus iced tea! Now, I’ve had hibiscus tea before and didn’t like it. I actually disliked it so much that I gave my back of dried hibiscus flowers away. Then I’d had cold hibiscus tea at Starbucks and liked it…but it was too sugary. This iced tea she had made was just the flowers, like I had done but had only tried it hot, and it was delicious! It was in a beautiful carafe…ruby red…and was a lovely, thick mouthfeel…slightly tart and simply delicious! I had brought some AF drinks but ended up just having the tea!

The whole evening was lovely. I wasn’t the only non-drinker and we listened to music, chatted, and played a game. I normally abhor games but this one I liked. It was called wavelength and required you to have an understanding of how your team mates think. My team lost, but it was actually fun! I am so glad I went…it was relaxing and peaceful and exactly what I needed.

Now I’ve got to go find some dried hibiscus flowers today!


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