A calmness within

I was catching up with a friend last night that I haven’t spoken to in a few months. He said that I was “eerily calm”. I think I’ve just been learning how to roll with the punches a bit more. Let’s be real…I still get worked up about things…I definitely have my moments of frustration and anger (like just a few minutes ago when my iPad keyboard wouldn’t connect and let me type for some ridiculous reason!!! Grrrr!)…and I also have moments of being either overly sad or giddily happy. But for the most part, ‘calm’ is where I like to reside.

There is a little postcard that I’ve stuck on to my bathroom window. It says “calm is my superpower”. I bought it because I was going through a period where I was angry at some work things and they were boiling over in to my personal life. Quite honestly, I just didn’t like feeling that anger so often and wanted a reminder to find the calm.

Sometimes it’s not easy. I can definitely be fiery! But if I have to choose where I like to have my emotions residing for the most part, I choose ‘calm’ every time. What’s kind of funny is that most people say I’m calm even though I don’t necessarily feel that way myself…but this friend was commenting on it like it’s new. And ‘eerie’. Maybe if my non-calm self projects calmness…my now much calmer self is projecting it on overload. Ha!

What’s that saying? Still waters run deep? 😉


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