Hi – I’m Tiffany. Well truth be told, my middle name is Tiffany. I wanted to use it here for 2 reasons:

  1. This blog is really a way for me to journal and figure out some things. Both by writing through them, and by perhaps interacting with others that can relate.
    • That said, I am not ready to put myself out there completely as my professional life is fairly public and corporate, and I just don’t want my inner-most ramblings to be known by everyone who may know me professionally, or even personally but not privately.
  2. My Dad used to call me by my middle name…and many of the things I’m working through right now are leading me closer to understanding him better. So I thought it would be nice to use the name he liked to call me.

If you do know my in real life, and you have access to this blog, then it’s because I trust you – implicitly. And I also trust that you’ll keep my anonymity and not share the blog link with anyone else, without asking first.

I find that it helps me think through things by writing…and I have no idea where this journey is going to take me but I’m interested to see.


~ Tiff

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