Home again

The long weekend was amazing….and a little difficult. But mostly amazing. 4 nights/5 days with some of the most wonderful, supportive women I know.

The amazing:

  1. The beach
  2. The smell of the ocean
  3. Long walks
  4. Beautiful meals
  5. Great conversations
  6. Delicious gelato
  7. Sightseeing
  8. Short roadtrips around the area
  9. Time to relax
  10. The love of friends (both those I was with and those I spoke with via email/text, etc)

The difficult:

  1. Not being able to join in on having wine at lunch when everyone else was enjoying it
  2. Not being able to have wine at dinner when we went to a beautiful restaurant in a vineyard

So yeah…mostly amazing. And I made it….day 21. I know I could have had some wine. And there were more than a few times where I thought “c’mon…you’re on holiday! Just have some!” But I didn’t…and I’m glad that I stayed true to this promise I’ve made to myself.

Home now…and feeling relaxed and happy.


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