A slow Monday morning

I really don’t have much to say… but promised myself I’d make this online public-yet-anonymous journal a daily thing for the 90 days. A way to capture my thoughts.

Had trouble sleeping, so when I did finally fall asleep I slept in. So now I’m about 2hrs behind my normal morning routine.

Still very happy that I only had AF drinks on the weekend, but I think I’ve got to cut back on the sugar now. After 3 weeks of having substitute “fun” drinks, it’s time to get the sugar back out of my body. It’s always had a depressive effect on me. I’m not depressed…just want the sugar gone as I can tell I’ve had an overload and I don’t like the feeling.

One of my friends, the one I will most often be having wine on a terrace somewhere with, us doing September alcohol free. That will be fantastic!

Ok – gotta have my coffee and get a workout in before the meetings start!


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