Day 6 – A non-typical summer Saturday

I have had, so far, an awesome day! Woke up at 6 (yikes!) but was able to spend some quiet time waking up before the sun, enjoying my morning concoction of coffee/maca/cacao/tahini and a bunch of other things that make it sound like it would be gross but is totally not!

Then I literally rocked out on the spin bike (virtual class) for the first time – ever! I mean, I’ve been dragging my ass on to the bike almost every single morning for the past 122 (but who’s counting?) mornings. The instructors are peppy and full of an energy I just don’t have…but I’ve kept at it because it’s been helping me with some anger and anxiety, and I always get off the bike with some new perspective. But today….TODAY I literally rocked out to the music and felt…HAPPY! I wasn’t angry or anxious….I was loving the music and the endorphin rush! I think my cat thought I’d gone off my rocker!

Anywho…..after that, went to brunch at an Australian place I didn’t realize was near my house (and I’ve lived here for over a year!) to enjoy a flat white, a big glass of organic coconut water and some shakshuka with toast (YUM!) over conversation with a good friend.

Then we went for a walk to one of the parks and sat under the trees to listen to someone who was playing their guitar on a nearby bench….before taking a long meandering walk through the city…ending with nachos at a beer garden where I had a watermelon/ice concoction that was delicious! Ended up walking 10km in flip flops (not the smartest move) but had a great time!

It occurred to me several times while walking through the city, all the places I passed were a commentary (from me) of things like “oh, that place has great vermouth!”…’oh, the wine there is lovely…”, “they make great tacos and their margaritas are divine!” Many Saturdays like today would have involved a Bloody Mary or Mimosa at lunch…then a stop for a wine here and another one there; and my inner dialogue walking around would have been about wondering when and were we could ‘stop for something cold to drink’.

Today’s inner dialogue was basically non-existent and I was just enjoying the walk and the conversation.

I’m now home, enjoying a quiet evening reading (and writing) on the couch.


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