Yesterday, I had my first in-person customer meeting since January. Which was weird but fantastic! And it was a good meeting…so that was great! I arrived earlier than our customer and told my Account Manager, who was perusing the wine bottles, that I did not want this to be a drinking lunch. That the customer could, of course, order a drink if they wanted to…but I did not want us suggesting a bottle.

His response was minor surprise, with the ‘but they may want to drink’, but then agreement that he would order a beer and then they could order one if they wanted also, etc etc. Next to arrive was one of my consultants, who happens to also be my friend that’s doing the ‘no mid-week drinking’ during September. I told her the same and her eyes went wide and she said “but this is Spain – it’s expected that there will be wine!” … and then quickly turned to “fine by me, as I’m not drinking mid-week…but they may want it. I do agree with you though.”

I had a lovely rose lemonade. One of the customers had a beer, as did my Account Manager, and the other had something AF. And it was a lovely lunch. I just didn’t want for it to (a) become a super long, alcohol-filled lunch; and (b) be a noticeable ‘thing’ that I wasn’t drinking. I’ve been to lunches like this here before and there’s 1 bottle of wine…then “oh sure…let’s do another…” and while that’s not a lot, split between 5 or 6 people…I just wanted to avoid it. I completely understand that other people may want to drink – and that’s fine. I just didn’t want us to be suggesting a bottle and setting that stage.

I did notice though that I drink quickly. Faster than everyone else. I had my lemonade, and then a hibiscus water…and they all were still finishing their first drink. I read somewhere that people who have issues with alcohol drink more than others, in general. I wonder why that is…but I definitely noticed it yesterday. I wasn’t overly thirsty…I just drank faster. I probably wouldn’t have if it was flat water…but with something that tastes nice, I do. If it had been wine, my glass would have also been finished first as I tend to drink it like water – rather than drinking water and sipping the wine.


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