One Month – Done & Dusted!

Today is day 30 – in some ways it’s been wayyyy easier than the first time I did 30 days, and in other ways it’s been a lot more difficult.

Things that made it easier this time:

  • De-alcoholised wine and non-alcoholic spirits
  • Support of friends from afar
  • Telling people what I was doing
  • The fact that I actually wanted to do it
  • Writing this blog every morning
  • Reading about addiction, specifically alcoholism

Things that made it more difficult this time:

  • Didn’t have the cushion of living with a roommate who doesn’t drink
  • Going away with friends, and other social situations that involve people drinking

The de-acoholised wine made it so much easier. At the same time, it makes the next 30 a bit harder. Reason being, the last time I did 60 days…it wasn’t until the first 30 was over that I started having AF beers, etc. And I’m not really a beer drinker, so they were infrequent. If I was just discovering the AF wine now…. it would be novelty. But now it’s just a continuation. At the same time, it’s not like I even want to drink – so not even sure why that’s a thought. I’m actually now trying to cut down on the AF cocktails/wine and save them for weekends, as the amount of sugar I’ve been ingesting this past 30 days is not good. Sugar has always been a depressant for me…and I’m starting to feel the effects.

It’s been interesting these past 30 days, in the sense that part of me didn’t want to tell people that I’m not drinking; because what if I decide I want a drink? I don’t want to be judged or asked about it or it even be a thing. But then part of me wanted to to tell people I’m not drinking so that they don’t ask me if I want some every time they pour. As that’s difficult. It’s easier to just not be asked. I decided to tell people, because otherwise it would be too easy to just give in. And I’ve had so many thoughts over the past month of “this is stupid, why am I doing this?” that I likely would have just given in. And I’m very glad I haven’t.

30 days down…60 more to go to meet my initial goal!


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