Dream state

It’s interesting….lately I’ve been dreaming a lot about being in social situations and not drinking. It seems to be a theme which I guess is normal as it’s something I think about while I’m awake. What’s funny though is that I don’t ever recall dreaming about drinking. But now I’m having loads of teetotaler dreams. At least in some ways it helps to normalize the social situation dynamic.

That’s really the only thing I’m finding a bit awkward – the social side. So it helps that some of my local friends here, the ones I socialize with most, have decided to do Dry September. In varying forms. One is not drinking mid-week…another is not drinking for the month…and another (who doesn’t drink that much anyhow) has decided to throw a mocktail party tomorrow. I seriously have amazing friends!

Speaking of socializing…right before I went to sleep last night, I saw something online from the BBC about ‘sex during covid’ and it essentially said that you should wear masks…not face each other….avoid kissing…and don’t sleep with anyone you’re not already living with. Well there goes MY sex life as I’m single and live alone! LOL

So then of course my brain starts rolling in to ‘Will I ever have sex again?!’… ‘Am I going to be single forever now?’ And basically from there I had a hard time falling asleep. I do think that ‘courting’ in a sense will come back in to play. Gone are the days that you meet a random guy in a bar and kiss them. I mean, those are probably gone anyhow as I wouldn’t be in a bar and I especially wouldn’t be drinking enough that I’d kiss a random guy! But I also think that in general, us ‘singletons’ will likely be even more selective who we go on a date with and especially who we have any kind of physical contact with – even a harmless kiss. As kisses may well not be so harmless now.

I like the thought of that…of the courting side of dating coming back. Although Tinder is still full of people that just want to hook up – there’s also people that are being a bit more cautious. Or at least I hope there are. The last two guys I spoke to on there turned out to be using someone else’s photos! Little do they know I can be a bit of an internet detective, and reverse image searches are easy to do anyhow.

I’m rambling, so will sign off. But I guess that’s what’s on my brain these days. Going to parties and drinking juice….and possibly never having sex again. LOL

Day 26….almost at a month and this has been wayyy easier than the last time I did this.


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