Full moon in the morning

Day 24 – It seems like the last 3 weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye. The only real inner ‘struggle’ was when I went away for the weekend and was in a situation where everyone else was drinking. Otherwise, it’s been alright. A few times where I’ve thought “why am I doing this?”… or “this is stupid – have a glass of wine” but they’ve been fleeting. I feel good about that, as I know there have been times in the past when those voices have been stronger and enough for me say ‘Fuck it’ and have a glass of wine.

I’ve notice though that I’m drinking a fair amount of AF ‘drinks’. Maybe that’s good as it’s a replacement? Or maybe it’s not good and I need to look at why I’m wanting a glass of de-alcoholised wine which isn’t even that great….just because I would normally have a glass of wine-wine at that time. I don’t know. Time to google and see if anyone’s written about that.

What I do know though…is that I woke up nice and early this morning, after a decent sleep…and was able to see the gorgeous full, golden moon as it dipped below the buildings across the plaza. And that is something special…


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