Happy birthday to my Dad

When I was growing up, we always celebrated Dad’s birthday the same way each year. A backyard BBQ with salmon and then a Black Forest cake for dessert. He loved the Black Forest cake….and it wasn’t till many, many years went by that anyone found out he didn’t actually like salmon! Which happens to be my favourite meal. So more salmon for me! But I remember him loving that cake…with the whipping cream, the big chocolate flakes and the cherries. Yum!

In later years, it became a bucket of KFC that my sister and I would pick up on our way out to visit him – which we only did twice a year really. His birthday, and Christmas Eve. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to see him…it’s that his drinking was to a point where it just wasn’t enjoyable. Actually, that’s underplaying it. Those visits took planning and they took a lot of gearing up for.

But today…I choose to remember the happier birthdays….the ones with salmon and Black Forest cake around a picnic table in the backyard. I can picture you blowing out the candles on your cake and smiling.

Remembering you on your birthday, Dad. I think I got the date right this year! I always second guess if it was the 20th or the 21st but it’s the 21st. 😉

Love you,



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