I had a moment of panic yesterday and made this account ‘private’ and also changed the name of the blog. I suddenly panicked that someone who perhaps knows me but doesn’t know me well would figure out it was me – and I wanted to protect my anonymity.

Without anonymity, I wouldn’t feel safe to just write what was in my head…and since the purpose of this blog is to talk to myself primarily, in order to work through things…. Well, that just wasn’t going to work if I was worried about someone knowing who I really am. There’s a few close friends that I know can see this – or have asked to see it and I’ve given them the link – and that’s totally okay. If I’ve given you this link then please know that you clearly have my full trust – and I trust you to protect my anonymity.

I’ll probably make it public again, as I know that I myself have benefited from reading other people’s thoughts about all of this stuff, and if my ramblings can help someone else…then that’s awesome! For the moment though, it’s just important I feel protected.

For any of you that do follow this blog and don’t know me…my middle name is Tiffany. Since a lot of what I’m working through at the moment involves stuff I imagine my Dad struggled with, I am using the name that he called me as it makes me feel a bit closer to him yet also allows me to keep some privacy in terms of my professional life.

Thank you for understanding…



One thought on “Anonymity

  1. Yeah, that didn’t last long. It’s public again. Sometimes I panic…and then I just need time to think it through. I’d rather have it public especially as I’m getting a lot out of reading other people’s experiences so it’s only fair that I share as well.


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