Living in the time of lockdowns

As of last night, I can no longer leave my city…and no one can come in. Restaurants are to be completely closed by 11pm and stores are back to maximum 50% capacity. We are able to meet with a maximum of 6 people – which is actually better than what friends in Melbourne have where they’re not allowed to meet with anyone who’s not family.

It’s not so bad, really…except that I miss my family. I missed my sister’s birthday…I’ll be missing my niece’s birthday…and if they don’t life these restrictions I’ll miss my Mum’s birthday, and they will also all miss my 50th for which we’d planned a wonderful family reunion.

This year has really taught me how much I have to be incredibly grateful for. I miss my family more than I can really put in to words and was hoping that by now we’d be through with quarantines and lockdowns and we’d be together again.

A good friend came over last night to watch a movie. Before she came over, she said that she needed wine, so would be bringing wine. Curiously, this didn’t trigger anything for me. I genuinely told her that was fine and no problem at all. Made myself an AF watermelon martini and sat down to do some full moon reflections before she arrived. It felt like a bit of a milestone – that I wasn’t in the least triggered…and didn’t feel like I was missing out. In the end, she brought beer as she didn’t feel nice drinking red wine in front of me. She’s a good friend. I’m happy though that I no longer feel like I want it anyhow.

1 month, 24 days – and starting to feel like I’m balanced and learning healthier ways to deal with my stress.


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