Autumn Equinox

Happy Mabon!

Mabon, or the Autumn Equinox, began yesterday (the 21st of September) and ends today. It is a time to give gratitude, to celebrate the 2nd harvest, and to reflect on the year. Time to recognize your successes and time to let go of things that did not serve you during the past year. It’s also a time of balance, as there is more balance to light and dark at this time of year.

I’ve been focused a lot this past couple of months on balance…and on letting go of things that no longer serve my higher purpose. It’s not easy, as many times those things are ones we hold on to as they can provide a sense of comfort or familiarity. Letting them go though is key to moving past them and the key to growth.

One of the things I need to find a way to let go of is the feeling that I am responsible for everything. I mean, at work I ultimately am responsible for everything – but that doesn’t mean I need to have complete control. And that’s hard to let go of. I woke up from a nightmare last night where I was living in a house with a big yard and people kept lighting tiny fires. Tiny little flames being ignited at random through the overgrown garden and in the house….while I ran around trying to put them all out by myself – and failing.

I need to find some balance in that area. A way of still being responsible, yet letting go of the feeling that I have to actually be on top of absolutely everything. At the moment I feel like I’m drowning, which is draining my motivation. A vacation isn’t possible, so I need to focus on balance and on letting go…trusting that things will be okay.

Tonight I’ll make a nice wintery meal…give thanks for the amazing things I get to experience in my life…celebrate the successes from the past year…and give some serious thought to ways of letting go in order to create more balance. Happy Mabon!


Ps: one month and 13 days

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