Double Digits

Today is day 10 and I’m fully committed to going the 90 days. I’m a little worried about the girls’ weekend, as typically a weekend like that would be a good excuse for Bailey’s in my coffee (wonder if there’s a good substitute for that somehow?), wine, gin & tonics, limoncello after dinner….and lots of junk food.

One of the other girls going is also eating low carb/no sugar/no alcohol, so that will be a HUGE support. I was so relieved when I found that out! I’m going to take a couple bottles of de-alcoholised cava and white wine with me. So that will at least make me feel like I’m drinking something ‘fun’.

I’m sleeping well…but averaging only 7 hours per night. At least it’s 7 uninterrupted hours…but I feel like I need more. Yet I can’t sleep past 6am for some reason. I feel exhausted…have a headache…yet can’t sleep longer.

Not really feeling like writing at the moment, but promised myself I would journal every day….so there…that’s it for today. I’m tired and I want to crawl back in to bed and close my eyes again. Yet I can’t for some reason.

Would like some of that energy back that I was feeling last week please!


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